Return to work

Ok, time to make some fezzes! Things have been a little slow on the InterWeb front. We've been raising money for cancer treatments, dealing with the day gigs and even coming to terms with some major life changes. However, despite what it may look like on the outside, we have been working on bringing new things to Fez-o-rama. We have some new equipment to learn and develop that will give us all sorts of neat new things to do with fezzes. We're starting work on a new website with a more dynamic shopping system (this is going to take me a while to wrap my head around) as well as a social site for fez based fun.

Currently I am working on wrapping up the last few Dance-a-thon Donation Fezzes and prototyping a couple of private fezzes that I'm really excited about. We've also booked our rooms and vending slot for Tiki Oasis 9 and I plan to debut a number of new things at that show!

So please be patient, you may not see much right away be we are working on a lot of neat things for the next few months.
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