Photographic Proof

Here is some proof that we have actually been working on new fezzes. What you see here is two of the new limited edition styles we will be premiering at Tiki Oasis this weekend.The ones that are almost done are part of a little project we did with artist Derek Yaniger and is limited to 25 pieces.

The mostly hidden ones are our special "Last Minute" fez that was sketched at a party Saturday night, designed on Sunday and hopefully finished tonight. This one will be limited to only 13 pieces!

We will also have short production runs of three of our past Fez of the Week designs not pictured here.

Oh, and yes that is our new dining room table in our new home. It has yet to have a meal served on it but it already has had two sewing machines on it for a week. If you look closely at the wall you can see the spackle filling in the holes left by the previous owners.
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