On the 13th day of Fezmas

The Fezmonger gave to me


Thirteen Fez Fezzes

ZombMonk-Fez3 Baboon-Fez94
Twelve Zombie Monkeys Eleven Baboon Butts
Jackalope443 MkII4433 george44333
Ten Jumping Jackalopes Nine Burning Hearts Eight Tiki Sun Gods
afriti443333 soviet234333333
Seven Swank Afriti Six Monkey Skulls

Five Soviet Deluxe!

blue-atomic445333333 gorilla46333333333

Four Blue Atomics

Three Voodoo Zombies Two Grouchy Gorillas

lono443423333333 and A fez with a Lono Tiki

It’s a 20% off Fezmas Miracle sale!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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