Oh Dear God

So we have reached that stage in all of my projects where the seldom-listened-to voice in my head says "What the hell are you doing!?!"
As you can see in the photo, with the help of Paul, Troy, Scott and Joe; the frame of the roof line for the canopy extension is starting to appear. Currently the canopy's legs are collapsed to the floor so the whole thing is sitting about 4 feet lower than the finished height - which will not fit in my studio. This is just a test fit to start addressing those little details like gravity and surface area. Needless to say the 12 yards of linen I bought on clearance will only begin to cover this roof.

You might be able to make out the tie lines we used to bow the PVC for the arches and take the wobble out of the roof spine. This was actually working rather well and had I not already emptied the Lowes of the PVC fixtures we needed, we might have gotten further along.

So the sad reality we are left with is: this project is much too large to assemble in time to use at the 24hr Dance-a-thon next month without having to cut all of the other things I need to do by March 13th. So we will be tabling this project for a few weeks.

Next step: get more PVC couplers and dowel rod and start looking for a lot of cheap fabric.
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