NOLA and the Valentines Day Limited Edition

We're all packed up and ready to roll down to the Big easy for the New Orleans Comic Con.

WW_comesee_us_728x90 Since this includes the majority of our fezzes that means that any orders that get placed while we are on the road might be delayed until we return. This is especially true for any back-orders or made on demand styles. There are a number of styles that will be remain ready to ship such as the Freedonian, Sons of the Desert, D20, and all of the Last Call designs. Just be aware that if your order includes a fez style that is in transit, shipping will get back to normal around Feb 11th when we return. Since I feel bad about taking so many designs with me, we've decided to make something special just for the website.

The Biohazard Chapeau Valentine's Edition!

BioVDsliderSince we will be in transit the week before Valentines Day, we created a special Limited Edition chapeau that is ready to get to you in time for the big day. Only 15 of these have been made, so supply is limited but they are all ready to ship now. Get one before they sell out!

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