Monday = Fezday

Another busy weekend for me and well... it looks like Mondays are the one day of the week I can focus on fez business for a while. I've been working on the website today trying to get that in order and hopefully uploaded before tonight.We're in a bit of a stall on new fezzes as we've pretty much run out of finished linings and will need to play catch up on those. I've got a lot of shells ready to go so we should be coming with the new fezzes very soon once the bottleneck is cleared. We did come up with a fer exciting ideas this past week that I can't wait to try out, not to mention the half dozen designs I have waiting in my sketchbook. UPDATE: Web site ordering is up for the Monkey Skulls as well as the first of a new batch of primates! Jump on over to the main site to get in on the Fezzy fun!
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