Worked in a bit more progress yesterday. 4 of the 6 bases now have folding sides. Had to stop working to sit in on a Skype meeting. I plan to get the hardware on prior to the weekend work sessions. This way we can focus on dealing with the next set of design problems.

Such as:
  • Can we get away with staggering the legs or do we need each table to be able stand on its own.
  • I found bamboo matting that could be used to front the booth but we would either need to float it a few inches above the ground or buy twice as much matting to go all the way to the floor.
  • Should we square the sides with blocks when we bolt the sections together to make them stronger?
  • How do we want to light the display boxes? Big Lots has a set of 3 flourescent lights that can be plugged in series.

I'll post a few photos of where we're at when I get a chance.
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