We had a big push this weekend and quite a bit was done. The rest of the umbrella panels were laid out on Friday ready for the weekend of progress. We decided to go with a water based fabric paint commonly used for silk screening. It should remain flexible and was easy to purchase in bulk. Of course it turned out that we didn't need nearly as much paint as I expected so I now have enough left over to do this at least 4 more times. Maya, Troy and I spent around 7 hours Saturday working on the hardwood floor as we painted the 6 panels. Sunday Maya and I were joined by Becky for a few hours as we finished the painting. Meanwhile Joe got started on the wood extensions for the umbrella as well as the tabletop for the stand. Monday involved mostly sleeping and computer work for me while Joe continued on the woodwork. Next up I need to heat set all of the panels before a final washing and the rest of the sewing and start working on the dormer panels.
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