Mid-week Review

Today is the one month mark for Tiki Oasis. Deadlines are looming! Here is where we stand (in a nutshell)
  • Front Counter
    • Plexi Tops -done
    • MDF Tops -done as black
    • Legs -done
    • Frontage
      • need to back bamboo with fabric
      • possibly add grass skirting to lower edge
    • Curtains -add to the back side to hide storage
    • Skull Displays
      • Skulls -need to be decorated and sealed
      • Sambooâ„¢ Poles -need to be faux-finished and sealed
  • Lighting -we have three possibilities to explore
    • LED lighting with battery power
    • Backlight salvaged from a flatscreen
    • decorative Ikea lighting.
  • Backdrop -possible ideas need to be compared to the limited time we have left.
  • Packing -create bags and totes for all of the bits so we don't lose anything.
My focus is now on the product so less and less attention is left for the booth needs.
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