Lindy Hop for Life

Like we said on our last post, we are diligently working on raising funds for cancer treatments and research. Since it has been nearly 10 years since I was diagnosed with cancer, you can imagine why I am so passionate about this project - but I am only one person on our team for this event. Joe and I are actually part of a much larger group of fez wearing people working together to raise donations and many of us have had personal experiences with cancer. Currently there are 18 of us on our team - one of around 25 teams! If you wold like to learn more about our team check out our team roster page.

Feel free to donate to any of the participants if you don't want to take advantage of our special fez offer. Every bit helps and it all goes to a very important cause. I hope that soon no one needs to go through the chemo and radiation treatments I dealt with and that no one needs to get the far more devastating prognoses I witnessed while in treatments. This will only happen if we continue to raise funds for research and continue to look for better, more dignified and compassionate treatments.

Please help out however you can. If you know someone facing cancer, consider donating in their name or hell, donate some money and get them a fez. If they lost their hair like I did then they are likely in need of some comfy hats.
Atomic Fez for Life
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