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Leo gets the TWiT Fez!

Leo Laporte, Maya and myself from behind the desk in the TWiT studio.

We have video of Leo Laporte receiving his brand new TWiT fez and I'll try to get that posted somewhere. We had a fantastic time visiting the TWiT Cottage and watching the recording of This Week in Google. The TWiT crew is amazing and we couldn't have felt more welcome. Honestly, this visit was better than I could have hoped for. It is rare that one gets to meet their idol, even more rare that they meet expectations. Leo did the impossible and actually surpassed my expectations! It was amazing to watch him run the board while hosting the show. I look forward to listening to the show on my commute. It turns out that the voices in my head are real! ...and really gracious hosts.


  • fezmonger

    They’re like tattoos. You can’t just stop at one ;)

  • Phallic Thimble

    With so many great fezzes that you’re coming up with that I absolutely MUST HAVE (namely the TWiT one and the Police Box one), pretty soon it’s going to be where I can go an entire roller derby season wearing a different fez each bout!

  • Matt Bickford

    I covet the TWIT fez. :)

  • fezmonger

    I will see if I can get his blessing. If so we will get to work!

  • pacimage

    Great Fez guys!!! With Leo posting this on his Twitter account, and seen on the TWiT network = would have been a great opportunity to sell these TWiT fezzes to the TWiT Army! I’m sure Leo would give you his blessing.

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