Latest Production Fezzes

It has been a very busy time for us in the old Fez-o-factory lately. On top of fulfilling private orders and working on our new Fez-o-booth we’ve managed to launch a few new designs and have quite a few more in the works. April is going to be a fun month for fez collectors.
First up the Mignola Fez! Next we have the Monkey Brains Fez!
mignola monkey-brains
That’s right, the design made exclusively for Mike Mignola is now available in a limited edition of 50. These Low Profile Mark VI fezzes feature Mignola’s trademark floating skull on the front and his signature on the back. Part of our ongoing Monkey collection, the Monkey Brains Fez brings a little gothic SciFi to the monkey fez with his exposed brain under a clear dome. The perfect fez for when you have some serious thinking to get done.
Finally don’t forget to check out the rest of last month’s designs such as the Mimic Fez and the return of the Gorilla. mimicgorilla2 All of these can be found in the Newest Fezzes section of our website.
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