Fez Friday, Fez Fridays -

Last week on Fez Friday...

Week one of our Fez *sigh*..ruary Fez Friday Foto challenge has come and gone but fear not there is another chance to enter coming this week! Remember that there are two prizes being handed out this month, one from the random drawing and another for the best photo! read this post for more info and don't forget your fez! [gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="2" orderby="rand"] Keep an eye on the blog this week as we will be bringing back the Fez of the Week specials, bringing back a few of the popular designs from the past and introducing a new seasonal one! Finally if anyone in Chicago is interested in a Fez-up this Friday let me know. One of our good friends will be out there on business and is looking for a good place to wear his fez.