July Update

As usual the blog is what gets neglected when I get to work on new designs. So here's a little update to where we are at. First up, I'll be wondering around Comic Con in San Diego this week. If you happen to see some guy in a fez be sure to walk up and say "Hi"... I've no idea if I'll be wearing a fez but really, feel free to introduce yourself to anyone that happens to be wearing a fez.

Actually there is a reason I will be at Comic Con. Derek Yaniger has ordered a special batch of the Royal Order of the Hipsters Fez to sell at his Derek Art booth. If you are planning to be at the show check our his booth early and you may get your mits on one if these rare fezzes.

Next up is of course Tiki Oasis in August. This has been our focal event for many years now and I am currently working on a whole new bunch of tiki themed designs for this year. Along with the new fezzes I made a few new banners for your website. Just download them to your computer and enjoy!

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