It's Starting Again!!!

In the never-ending process of making our "Once and Future" Fez-o-booth we will once again begin work on a major update to our vending abode. This time it will be an overhaul of the portable canopy we acquired last year.

As you can see in this photo from our day at the IndyGear event, it is a big upgrade over the slant leg canopy seen in the previous post. It is also a fairly utilitarian looking affair. You may also notice in the photo the paint job upgrade I did on the bamboo facade for the booth this past year.

The plan is to create an overlay for the canopy that changes the look without impeding any of the function. Our goal is to have the structure built and skinned in time to use the new canopy for this year's 24hr Cancer Dance-a-thon. (Learn more about the Dance-a-thon and our team at That will be a good test of the structure. After March we will focus on improvements and then the thorough decoration of the skin in time for our big trip to Tiki Oasis 10 in August.

So bear with us as we dust off this blog and try to make some progress!
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