Instant Fez Stand from Ikea

My Mimic Fez and Freedonian Fez on their new stands.
solvindenOur fezzes fit nicely right on top of the lamp and since the led lights produce very little heat it is actually safe to turn the lamp on while the fez is on top. Obviously the solar cell isn’t going to be charging with the fez on top so you may need to occasionally put the lamp in sunlight to recharge the 3 included AA batteries. Of course the more industrious (read: hackery) of you could simply gut the lamp of its electronics and roll that stuff into another solar project and still have a nifty fez stand for your shelf or table. I’m tempted to take a broken tiki mug, drill a hole in the bottom and insert it over the rod for a bit more style. If you do pick up one of these fez stands send us photos of it in use and if you decide to mod one into something more interesting please let me know. I would love to see what creativity is employed. Word is Ikea is only stocking these lamps as part of their Summer seasonal stock so they may not be available very long. SOLVINDEN Solar-powered table lamp assorted colors Diameter: 6
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