Happy 2008!

Well the Holidays are now getting smaller in the rear view mirror and I thought I would give a bit of an update to what we have been doing around here. We've put the refurb. of the workspace on hold so we could replenish a bit of our stock. Needles to say there is plenty to do on the space itself but we nearly sold out of most of our designs and something needed to be done. So between trying to catch up on personal projects and push a couple dozen fezzes thru production, I've been a bit busy this holiday.

I suppose I should clear something up about the previous sentence. When I say production what I mean is that we are working on a number of fezzes at one time, not that we have a sweatshop filled slave labor working around the clock. The latest batches are being sewn by myself with the generous assistance of Joe and Maya. Currently the fezzes are done in batches of a dozen or so, which is often why you might find the size you are looking for is constantly sold out. We are working on fixing this problem.

Our goal for 2008 is to solve our supply chain challenges and provide you with a better selection of Fez-o-rama headgear. The tricky part is I'm only interested in upscaling if we can actually improve our stuff. If quality is going to be sacrificed then I'll just have to continue doing these by hand.

That said, I've got a dozen Monkey Skulls finished, another primate dozen about half done and a big batch of "Georges" in the works. I just hope I have enough lining fabric left to do these.
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