Gift Certificates Now Available!

For whatever reason I could not update my blog for the last 4 days. Which is sad because I had stuff to post. Oh well, since we are dangerously close to the holidays and I am in the middle of production on a number of fezzes while Joe is heading off on a much deserved trip to Vegas this week, now is a great time to announce that we have set up a PAYPAL Gift Certificate button!

This way people can still get a little last-minute something for the fez wearer in their life. Just hit the button up on the right side of the screen and choose how much they are worth! Then as your lucky recipient sees something they like they can snatch it up without any hassles.

I will be taking advantage of the holiday break to get some sewing done and replenish a bit of our supply... including a handful of Gorillas and a pile of Monkey Skulls.
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