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Fezmonger on Twitter

In an attempt to keep a bit more "up to date" on this blog I've set up a Twitter feed for the random updates that I would normally just consider too trivial to create a full blog post about. If you look to the right of this post you will find an embedded Twitter widget with the most recent posts or you can subscribe directly through Twitter and get them as they roll out.

Just go to http://twitter.com/Fezmonger to follow me directly via Twitter or use the RSS feed in your favorite reader.

Why would you want to follow my every digital rambling? ...I really don't know. I tend to lose interest in myself about halfway through typing these things. Who knows maybe you want a heads up when new styles go on sale... or maybe you want to know when we are at work on refilling a popular style and you don't want to miss out again.

Anyway give it a look. I plan to keep it current and even post a few photos through TwitPic on it.

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