Fez-o-rama Summer News

966054_10151673214396221_124170625_o photo by Jeff Lawson of Detour Aftermath Photography

Holy Carp! June is half over already and I am just now getting around to a newsletter?
As you may have noticed, things have been a little hectic around here after our one-two punch of the Phoenix and Denver comic conventions. Our website stock was dealt a mighty blow and we have spent the last few weeks with our heads down toiling away on restocking some of our styles. ganeshagamerclockwork4molopuHaku Most of our popular designs are back in stock with just a few more on the production shelf and that means it is time for:

New Designs!

We try to bring something special to each of our shows and occasionally that something special will eventually make an appearance in one form or another on the website. This time we have two of those somethings to talk about. First up:

The Altimeter 2 Fez

Altimeter2 Altimeter2_1We first presented the Altimeter as a limited edition fez for DCC 2012 and nearly a year later we got around to making a production version. Now we could have simply changed the fabric color and left it at that but we wanted to have a little fun. Did we mention that the face of the Altimeter glows? That’s right, all of the numbers are done with a glow in the dark thread adding a bit of drama to this classy industrial fez. The Altimeter 2 Fez is in stock in most sizes and the rest will be restocked soon.   The other new fez is a production version of the special design that we brought to Denver for this year:

The Tesla Coil Fez

tesla-coilThe Tesla Coil is a new style and a continuation of my obsession with arcane technology. One of the many amazing inventions by the great Nikola Tesla in the early 20th century, the tesla coil remains a source of great inspiration to many people today. Wear this fez to help generate that spark of creativity within you.

Coming Up

Next month we will be climbing aboard a plane and heading out to Indiana for our most distant show yet as we participate in our first GenCon! 543814_10151159869323155_1472814906_n As always, we are planning all sorts of special things for this show. If you are attending the show you will be able to find us in the Entrepreneurs’ Avenue at both 1559. If you are one of the 41,000+ people planning to attend the show be sure to come by and say hello.  

In the works

This is shaping up to be the busiest Summer we have ever seen but that doesn’t mean we won’t be creating all sorts of new designs. If you haven’t been following us on the social outlets then you may not have seen the teasers for the upcoming Barn Owl and Space Monkey designs. As always, you can find us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ for more up to the minute info than you can possibly stand!
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