Fez-o-rama Holiday News

The Holidays are in full swing and have we got some things to say about it.

Last Call for Santa and Krampus!

xmas-slider Krampusnacht is looming and our Holiday fezzes are nearing the end of their runs for 2013. Get your orders in by December 6th for either the Krampus or Santa Fez. As this is the second year for both of these designs they will likely get retired for new versions in 2014.
Order your Santa or Krampus fez by Dec 6th
Speaking of limited windows of opportunity, the Fez of the Week project has been in full tilt this week as we have started to double up on designs offered.

Fez of the Week #113 The Orloj Fez

orloj-slider Inspired by the amazing astronomical clock found in the Old Town Square of Prague, the Orloj Fez is one of those sudden one-day creations where the idea, design and creation of a new fez happens all at once. In case you are not subscribed to the Fez of the Week option on the newsletter, you still have one more day to order this particular design. Remember these are made after as the orders come in so please plan a few extra days for delivery. Now in Production!

Fez of the Week #114 The Snowflake Chapeau

snowflake-chap-slider Not content with just one new design for the week, we have decided to double up and release a new Chapeau as a last-minute Holiday offering. The Snowflake Chapeau is a celebration of the season where water falls from the sky in its solid form. The Snowflake Chapeau is available for pre-order through December 7th. As these are made to order, please allow extra time for production as well as delivery. We can also make this on a Low-Profile Fez if you are interested. Contact us for more info.

In the Works:

One of the things I have been teasing on the social networks is a concept for a fez stand using a desktop microphone stand. We’re still prototyping the idea but I’m thinking we will offer a kit form with just what you would need to adapt a microphone stand for use as a fez stand with space to hang extra tassels. The other benefit of following us on the social feeds is getting to see design concepts and box sketches. I have posted a number of sketches for new fez designs that I hope to release in the New Year and as always there are more ideas all of the time. Keep an eye out for some of these to appear as Fez of the Week designs in the future and feel free to let us know if there is one in particular that you are looking forward to. We welcome the feedback! Here are a few of the concepts I’ve posted in the last few months and the first one has already been made into a fez. The Zeppelin Fez is available now as a Low-Profile fez! Zeppelin Fez As always, you can find us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ for more up to the minute info than you can possibly stand!

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