Fez-o-rama February News

Now that we’re a month into this 2013 thing, I figured it was high time I did an update for all of you.

New Fezzes are here!

seamonkeyThis coming week a bunch of creative nerd types will assemble in Florida to board a floating hotel so they can act out in front of bitter entitled old people. I may not be selling it correctly but it sounds like a damn good time to me. Anyhow, in honor of this annual bacchanalia we created not one but two new designs!

Fez of the Week #101 The Sea Monkey Fez

First up is The Sea Monkey Fez designed specifically for the passengers on the JoCo Cruise Crazy Caribbean cruise. They have taken to calling themselves Sea monkeys and are known to don fezzes, formal dress and moustaches. Hey I am in no position to judge here, but once again, sounds like a damn good time to me.  

monkey-rogerFez of the Week #102 The Monkey Roger

Next we have the Monkey Roger Fez. Truth be told once I drew the gorilla skull and cutlasses on the Sea Monkey’s hat I knew I was in trouble. So instead of waiting for the requests I decided to just go ahead and make a second fez design. This one is a low profile fez and is perfect for more casual fez scenarios, shuffleboard courts and general gooning. Get a pair for your goomba bookends before your next court appearance. Now typically our Fez of the Week designs are only available for a week, hence the name, but in this case we’ve decided to let it ride while we focus our attention on prepping for upcoming shows. So if you haven’t ordered your Sea Monkey or Monkey Roger don’t fret, you still have a little time. The next batch will be made on the 7th of February.

D20-13-tallThe D20-13 Redux Limited Edition Fez

Way back in December we released a limited edition variant on our classic D20 fez as Fez #100. We got such a great response that we decided to roll up another limited edition fez to bring to the shows. Now we’re only making 20 of these and I don’t know if they will last until our next show. They are already made and ready to ship, so if rolling 13s is your thing you better move fast. Once these go we will be moving on to something else. We held back 3 of them just in case one of the sizes sells out quick so look for the back-order option.  

gamerThe Table Top Gamer Fez

This is a design that I have been wanting to do for some time and now finally I got around to it. A fez for all of the old-school table top gamers out there. At least partly inspired by Wil Wheaton’s fantastic TableTop show this design has been sitting in my sketchbook for nearly a year. I thought about releasing it as a Fez of the Week but was so enamored with it that we put it right into production. We only have 13 made at the moment but we will be producing more so we can take this one to some of the shows we have lined up in 2013.  
Speaking of shows in 2013 Emerald City Comic Con March 1-3 in Seattle Washington
Next month we will be making our first appearance in the Great North West as we jump a plane to Seattle for the ECCC. We are extremely excited about this show. I love Seattle and we are there at least once a year to visit family, so you can imagine how buzzed we are about bringing out obsession for show and tell. I got to check the show out last year as a guest and I simply can’t wait to return. Tickets are available now and rumor is the 3-day passes are close to selling out.
Then on March 29th: WonderCon at the Anaheim Convention Center.

A new website is in the works!

I can’t believe we have been using this website for nearly 4 years. The current site has served us well but there are a few things that I would like to incorporate and since we had a major update coming for the system we figured it was a good time to see what else might be out there. So the plan is to migrate the current Zencart system over to a PrestaShop. PrestaShop looks to support some of the features we have been looking for and we like working with open source systems. Our hope is to make the website a bit more convenient for you to use with better browsing of designs and a nicer shopping experience. We had hoped to make the change over the holidays but there is one thing we need to solve first. We are in need of a custom coded module to handle fez options in a more streamlined way. If a code monkey out there has some PrestaShop or PHP coding experience and is interested in giving us a hand let me know. Normally we take a swing at this sort of thing but I already have too much to do with the fez mongering. There could even be a special fez in it for you. Speaking of Code Monkeys, Marv is a little disappointed that no one out there has cracked the message hidden on his fez.  
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