Fez-o-News: January 2012

We're only a few weeks into 2012 and it is already shaping up to be one crazy year in fez mongering. We've already introduced 2 new designs, attended our first of many convention of the year, made a new sign and even launched a new category of fez accessory... and we're just getting started!

D20The D20 Fez

We started our 2012 Fez of the Week posts with a critical roll for style! #82 features that notorious icosahedron of chance: the 20 sided die. The crown jewel of many a gamer’s dice bag and the envy of Yahtzee players everywhere. The D20 Fez is available for order and the first ones are already shipping so head over to the site for options. Order the D20 Fez here

codemonkThe Code Monkey Fez

Fez of the Week #83 features our own IT primate Marv. Marv takes care of all the sloppy code I write, wrangles the zeroes and ones and keeps the server from imploding, tearing a hole in time and space that swallows all of reality. At least that is what he claimed at his last employee review and I am in no position to call BS on that. I’m sure you have one of these guys in your office. If you do you might consider getting him or her a new fez. All of reality will thank you. Order the Code Monkey Fez here.  

yellow-armIntroducing the Octopus Arm Tassel Leash

In our ongoing quest to make you fez wearing experience the best it can be we are happy to present the first in our new line of tassel leashes. Need to keep that tassel under control? Let this exquisitely crafted bronze arm gently caress your tassel cord into submission. Beautifully hand sculpted by Janelle Badali from a horrible sketch by yours truly, this little darling will keep that tassel in its place in style! Only $20 and available in yellow or white bronze! Order the Octopus Arm tassel pin here

We're leaving our hovel!

That's right we're actually venturing outside and interacting with *gasp* people! One of my goals for 2012 is to get out of the studio and actually meet some of the amazing people that enable our weirdness. This year's theme is comic cons. We actually started with our first con appearance in November with Comikaze Expo in LA and had a great time. Earlier this month we went to Arizona for the Amazing Arizona Comic Con and got to hang out with some great artists.
So where are we headed next?


March 16 - 18  Anaheim CA. This will actually be our first truly local show! We just received word that we are booked for WonderCon's first SoCal appearance and it is going to be huge! We'll be rolling out the Fez-o-booth with many surprises so get your tickets now!
Upcoming Shows:

current-fezzes-sons-of-the-desert-c-130_85And finally, something that we really didn't see coming

Leonard Maltin (Yes, that Leonard Maltin!) wrote a post about us on Indiewire talking about our classic comedy themed fezzes! Read it here: Classic Comedy Toppers I'm still a little rattled about that one.
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