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Fez in the Wild: Tiki Bar TV party

In the middle of all this upheaval we actually managed to get out and be social for an evening. A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of attending the Tiki Bar TV 4th Anniversary party. Since I have been so distracted with the move I have been remiss in posting photos of the event. So now thru the magic of the computer internets I bring you other people's photos of us and a few of our fezzes!

First up is a great photo of the Fez-o-rama gang (Becky, Joe, me and Maya) surrounding Tiki Bar TV's Johnny Johnny. Joe is wearing the Fez-o-rama Fez while I am sporting one of the official Cult of the Eye™ fezzes. You will notice that Johnny Johnny is not wearing one of our fezzes at this point. Don't worry, that was remedied before the evening was over.

Here we have a shot of myself with Mr. Ambassador and Ivan Ivan wearing the Mr. Ambassador fezzes I made exclusively for Mr. Ambassador. I hope to produce an official Fez for the Peoples in the near future.

Next up we have this fantastic photo of Hulahoney taken with Johnny Johnny wearing his *NEW* fez. This is one of two prototypes we made for the party.

...and another one of Hulahoney's photos, this one with Joby -our good friend that sent in photos from the last Tiki Bar TV party he attended. This year he is wearing one of the Robot Overlord Fezzes.

Polite in PublicHere is one taken at the Polite in Public photo booth. That was a fantastic set-up and the photos look great.

Thank you to the people whose photos I have re-posted. I will add more as I get to them.


  • Jason

    …and you take fantastic photos with them.

  • hulahoney

    Yes, I admit it. I have a thing for men in fezzes….

  • Keith

    This is my first time visiting your blog. It's very cool. I really like it. Cheers!

  • TikiGeeki (aka Joby)

    What a night! It was an honor spending it under the watchful Eye, protected from the evils of sobriety and guarded by my master, the Robot Overlord! (I tell you, I got so many compliments on that fez it was crazy!)

  • Jason

    If you are asking about the special Forbidden Purple Fez design Johnny Johnny is wearing that is the logo for Tiki Bar TV. That was a special gift we did.

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