Fez in the Wild: Onstage

One thing I love to see is one of our fezzes on stage. As a semi-reformed stage performer myself, I always feel that there is a certain honor in having one of my fezzes on a performer. Here we have two examples sent in by a couple of our fellow FezHeads™.

First up we have Roland from The Instigators.
Roland is sporting a Low Profile Monkey Skull Fez on black wavy velvet. I must say, there is something about a Low Profile Fez, a tie, shades and a Fender guitar that just looks so cool.
You can check out Roland and his band at their Myspace pages.
Roland's page
The Instigators' page

Next we have Mr Phil!
Phil is a family/kids entertainer on the East Coast as well as a fellow ukulele player and a member of the mysterious Order of the Fez. Phil is sporting a Sun God Tiki Fez - or as we call it around here: George. Phil used to wear a bowler for his performances but recently upgraded to the fez for shows and reports that he is very happy with the change.

You can learn more about Mr. Phil and Co. at his website www.mrphilandco.com

If you are interested in either of these fez designs we are working on making more of them. You can sign up on the waiting list to reserve yours here.
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