Fez in the Wild: Joby

I'm starting a new feature here on the old Fez-o-blog. Often our fellow FezHeads send in photos of them sporting one of our creations and I have been slowly collecting them without ever having a really good plan for what to do with them. So if you have a photo and perhaps a story to go with it please send it to me and I will gladly do a post on it. Like all things I suck at keeping up to date so please forgive me if there is a bit of delay between the email and the actual blog post.

Let's get started!
Today's fez belongs to Joby. He's sporting one of the first runs of the Atomic Fez. I believe he may have picked it up at the Mondo Lounge Atomic Frolic a few years back. Anyway what is far more important is that he is seen here wearing it at the Tiki Bar TV DVD release party! A great show that has on occasion featured one of our fezzes. I made one especially for Mr Ambassador.

In the first photo you can see Joby with the darling Lara Doucette "Lala" ...that is assuming you can focus on anything other than Lara's amazing smile. Oh, there is a fez in that photo too but really... did I mention that smile?

In the second shot you can see Dr Tiki himself, Jeff Macpherson on the left. We got the opportunity to mee Jeff a few months ago and it was a real pleasure. Sadly I don't know the name of the lovely lady in the middle but that is clearly my loss. -Now I do! That would be the dynamic Kiki von Tiki- Ironically we didn't get a photo with Johnny Johnny despite his owning an identical Atomic Fez and of course he being the one that wears a fez the most often on the show.
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