Fez Friday Photos - June

Thanks to the recent Holiday my attention to all things bloggy has slacked off a bit. The first thing that was impacted was the announcement of a June winner of the random drawing for one of our classic Mark 4 fezzes. So just for recap here are the photos posted for June. Now not all of them are eligible for the drawing… like the photo of me. Although for the sake of laziness I will leave them in the slide show.
Once again I will draw a random number and that will be our winner. If it happens to land on my photo I will simply draw again. Until we have a real winner. Using Random.org our first number is 13! Photo # 13 in the album belongs to…
Chris wearing one of our first Cthulhu fezzes made! We will be contacting you about your new Mark 4 fez! Look for our next Fez Friday Give-away starting in August!
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