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Fez Friday Foto Rules

Staying in on #fezfriday. It's a </a>Just a recap of the Fez Friday Foto Rules that we started back in the Fall. The prizes will change from time to time but the basic rules will stay the same. On top of this giveaway we will also occasionally have bonus photo challenges so keep an eye out for those announcements as well.
<h3><span style=Rules? Yeah we got those… Well, it wouldn’t be much of a contest without a bunch of convoluted rules, so here goes:
  1. Photos must feature you wearing one of your Fez-o-rama fezzes. Not your fez on a shelf,  pet or lawn gnome. (those challenges comes later)
  2. Photos must be taken and posted on Friday where ever you happen to be. If you are taking photos with a camera and posting them to Flickr I suggest you check your clock settings… otherwise how the hell am I supposed to know?
  3. Group photos will only count for the one posting the image. (duplicate photos won't count so take more than one)
  4. While you are welcome to post as many photos you like, you will only be given 1 entry per week in the drawing.
  5. Photos posted to Twitter must have the #FezFriday hashtag (@fezmonger doesn’t hurt either so I can find them) or you can post to our Flickr group * or FaceBook page. Just be sure to include something in the description for me to find such as “Fez Friday”.
  6. The winner will be chosen after the last Friday November 26th.
  7. The winner’s 50% discount can be applied to any single fez available on our website, however shipping is on you. I don’t want to limit the drawing to this continent and some of you live way on the other side of the planet!
At the end of the month we will gather all of the photos and randomly select the winner. Be sure to follow me on Twitter, Like us on Facebook or sign up for the Newsletter (add Fez Friday to your category options) to get all of the announcements.


  • Fezmonger

    The photo needs to be taken and posted on a Friday in November for this drawing. So take a new one each week if you want to increase your chances. Only one entry per week up to 4 possible.

  • PaultheSpud

    Hmmm… posted my photo on Facebook a few days ago… do I need to repost on Friday?

  • Drew Coombs

    What if I’m wearing more than one fez at a time? Does that increase my chances?

  • Fezmonger

    Yes by .2% per fez. Unfortunately we round down to the nearest 10% before processing so you would have to wear like 50 fezzes to notice an increase

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