Fez Friday Challenge Week 5

For some strange reason Week 4’s results were stuck in “Draft” mode while we were out of town. So that has been corrected and followed up with the fifth and final week’s collection below.
After last week’s collection of totally random creativity this week’s bunch seems a bit more relaxed which is understandable considering it kicked off a holiday weekend. We did get a few people celebrating Towel Day which I wholeheartedly support, a great example of fashion creativity with a handmade matching dress from Paula  and a rather surreal dinner sacrifice photo from Kimmjah but I think this week’s 2nd chance drawing slot goes to Esahc for his latest in what appears to be an ongoing series of ominous avatars featuring a heavy handed use of filters.
Tomorrow I will be drawing the winner from this series of Fez Friday photos and Esahc and the rest of the weekly selections will get a 2nd chance drawing for a custom fez stand. So tune in tomorrow for the final results and the start of another series of Fez Friday fun!
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