Fez Friday Challenge Week 4

ff 5-21-12 Week 4 managed to be a smaller collection of photos but some of the month’s best so far. It is starting to get really difficult to pick a favorite image. Howlin’ Hobbit roped an entire band into posing for his photo with The Crow Quill Night Owls stepping in, Tark turned to mixing genres with a leather mask and Hawaiian print shirt, Trekkiebogle took advantage of location and a few turned to filters to make an impression. After much deliberation this week’s 2nd chance slot goes to HeyLowNine and his photo from TIki Caliente. heylownine It really catches the eye with his framing, color and deft use of photo filters. He’ll be added to the second chance drawing to win a custom fez stand at the end of the month. We only have one more Friday left before we pick the winners and this is a big one. This Friday we will be at the Phoenix Comicon. I will do my best to keep up with Twitter while at the show but probably won’t be able to compile the final week’s photos until we return. We will announce the winners June 1st. I now leave you with a bonus photo that was posted on Saturday the 19th from our friends at Wicked Grounds in San Francisco.
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