Fez-0-News for Spring 2013

It has been a few months since we sent out a newsletter and seeing as how many things we have going on right now, I would say we are a bit overdue. So let’s jump in.

New Fezzes!


Hellboy.pngWe’re always working on new fez designs and the last few months have been fairly eventful on that front. Back in February we premiered the Hellboy™ Fez with Mike Mignola. This is a Special Numbered Edition of 100 fezzes and we are already coming up on the end of the run. It’s not too late to get yours but considering the number of Cans we have coming up I’m not sure how long these will be around.


ganesha.pngMighty Ganesha adorns this ornate fez! I sketched this one out in my book back in January and just didn't find the time to get it together until 3 months later.


d20-red.pngOur D20 fez returns for 2013 on Ruby Red velvet with an ominous onyx D20.

Sepia Cthulhu

Cthulhu_Sepia.pngThis special variant of our popular Cthulhu fez debuted at the Emerald City Comic Con and has finally found its way to the website. This is a limited run due to the unique fabric.

Road Trip!

We’re getting into the heart of Con season and we’re hitting the road this month as we have a pair of shows in short order. We’re loading up the car and taking a multi state tour to:

Phoenix Comicon

phxcomicon_2013 indie_artist_bootcamp.gifMay 23-26 We’re heading back to the land of heat and sun for one of the greatest shows we’ve ever been to. This year looks even bigger and we can’t wait! As part of the weekend I will be taking part in my first panel as I join Alvin Ong and Daniel Davis to discuss ins and outs of launching your indie arts career. Look for the Indie Artist Bootcamp panel on Friday May 24th at 4:30pm. After we pack up from PhxCC we’re taking a leisurely  to the Grand Canyon on our way to:

Denver Comic Con

May 31 – June 2  It’s our 2nd time in the Mile High City and this year looks to be even better than the great time we had at the debut show last year. We’re bringing a lot more fezzes than we had last year and we are bringing a really cool numbered exclusive as well.  

Other Fez-o-stuff

On top of the fezzes we have been all sorts of busy around here. We’ve been working on a number of new elements for the Fez-o-booth that we will be debuting at Phoenix Comicon and continuing to develop throughout the con season. Work continues on the “new” website. We were getting pretty close having a launch but we hit a snag when it comes to product ordering and inventory. The goal is to streamline the ordering process but we have yet to find a cart system that supports our needs, which seems kind of odd considering we aren’t doing anything that would seen to be difficult. If anyone knows a PHP coder interested in working on a fez project let us know.

Coming up this Summer: Gen Con Indy 2013 - August 15-18

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