Well work has begun on impending Tiki Oasis 08! This year's theme is Voodoo Vacation on Zombie Island and needless to say we are rather keen on this one. I've spent the weekend working on prototypes for the new designs we will be premiering at the event on August 14-17. The banner you see above is a detail from the artwork I just sent off for the event brochure. Just click on the image and save it if you are interested in putting a link on your site. We always welcome the connection. We do ask that you link to our main index (www.fez-o-rama.com) directly as that has more to do with Google listings than this lowly blog does. Keep an eye on this page as we do intend to preview our designs for this year before they go on sale on August 16th. Hopefully we will see you all there in San Diego for the big weekend.
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