February Fez Friday Best Picture

Ok we have gone over all of this month’s photos and have picked our winner for the second fez winner. Much like the Oscars, the judging process was held to the highest standards and like the Oscars, chosen by woefully unqualified people picking from a random stack of entries. So let’s give you the nominees.












We had a lot of fun shots but this contest was for more than just character. We were also judging the quality of the photograph. Composition was also an important part as was the theme of the photograph.














So after much deliberation our winner is:


His use of exotic locale, tension and a decent camera put him in the front. His referencing the theme of this year’s Tiki Oasis didn’t hurt either. So congratulations! We’ll be contacting you soon for your prize.


So that is February’s Foto challenge. Think you can do better? Well get off your duff and enter the next one!

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