FAQs: Intro

Seeing as how I never manage to update the FAQ page on the website it might be better to simply collect the thoughts in the blog first. Now before I start answering direct questions I thought it would be best if I did a bit of an intro about what we do. So here goes:

Fez-o-rama is made of of a team of 3 people with the occasional extra help of a handful of very generous friends. Joe takes care of the business side of things: orders, packing, shipping, the functional side of our website and most of the email contact with our customers. I handle the design side of things: graphics, embroidery digitizing, the majority of the sewing. The stealth member of our team is my wife Maya who does a lot of the hand sewing on the fezzes and manages our booth when vending in public. She does an amazing job of running the booth and I quickly learned to stay out of her way.

Currently there is no factory. No faceless workforce toiling away at a sea of sewing machines. No overseas production house. Just me sewing fezzes when I'm not dealing with one of my other jobs and Maya and Joe helping with production whenever they can. As we scale up we will outsource more of the labor but only if we can maintain the quality that we are constantly striving for. So if you buy one of our fezzes right now, you are getting a hand made fez touched by very few hands.
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