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Cthulhu Fez? Fhtagn no longer!

While he's still fhtagn... but you no longer have to! Cthulhu3 It only took us three months to catch up with demand. Our Cthulhu fez was first introduced way back in October but they were snatched up as soon as we could make them. Well we took advantage of the holidays to get caught up on them and now we have a dozen or so ready to go! So if you didn’t get a Cthulhu during the “pre-sale” now is your chance to grab one. The Cthulhu Fez is a Low Profile Fez on Black wavy velvet. Drive your friends insane with this fez featuring the mind warping visage of the Great Old God!

$65 +Shipping


  • Fezmonger

    Good point! I will correct that.

  • Hybrid Elephant

    cthulhu ALWAYS fhtagn… even when he doesn’t fhtagn, he still fhtagn.

    remember that! it’s important!

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