Clockwork Waiting List

So we have nearly sold out of the Clockwork fezzes we made! I do have fabric to make a handful more but since I'm not sure when those will all be done I thought we might try creating a waiting list. That way I can focus on the ones that are in demand first. As of this posting we still have 2-smalls, 1-medium and 1-3X ready to ship. Those can be bought immediately. The waiting list is for the fezzes I have the supplies to still make. The sizes breakdown like this:
  • 1-Small
  • 1-Medium
  • 2-Large
  • 4-XL
  • 5-2X
  • 2-3X
We will contact the people on the list in the order they signed up and according to the size they request.
Scroll down for the magic of Google forms!
Sold Out
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