Clockwork Fez

Another one of our Fez of the Week experiments returns as a Limited Edition Fez! I was lucky enough to find a few yards of this beautiful mahogany velvet and immediately knew what I needed to do with it. We've made 22 of these and we have enough fabric for maybe a dozen more so act quickly, I don't know how long they will be around.

The gears are my take on the proverbial "thinking cap." Sure, I got the old light bulb suggestion numerous time but after dwelling on how I would do a glowing light bulb in thread I realized that a lightbulb is really about epiphanies. Thinking is more about grinding the gears. So before you sit down and put the old melon to work, cap it with one of these babies... and if anyone bothers you just point to your fez and growl, "Can't you see I'm thinking?!?"

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