August Newsletter

The Tiki Oasis Preview Edition

TO-group There has been a flurry of activity on the blog recently as we have been previewing the new styles that will debut at Tiki Oasis this weekend. Here is a quick recap with links for those that might have missed it. Once we recover from the epic weekend we will be posting the remaining fezzes up on the site for sale. So if you see something you like and are not attending the big event, check out on Monday for your chance to pick up some of these special designs.

The Mermaid Fez

We only have 13 of these at the moment but we do plan to do another run to restock them after the event.

The Mayan Jaguar Returns

25 of these will be making the trip down to San Diego. If we sell out of your size don’t fret, we will be making more in the future.

The Sugar Skull

25 of these Dia de los Muertos styled fezzes were made to coincide with the “South of the Border” theme.

Limited Editions

The Camazotz 2-tone Tapa Fez

Once again we bring a special limited edition tapa print fez and this year it is a doozy. Only 13 of these signed and numbered fezzes will be made and I suspect they will go quick.

The MeduSirena Fez

Inspired by our friend, the Fire Eating Mermaid, 25 of these special fezzes will make the trip to premier on the 19th.

The UV Sugar Skull

Only 13 of this experimental UV reactive, signed and numbered design will be made.

The Ku Fez

With all the somber styles I have been creating lately I figured we should have something a bit more jovial to bring along. We made only 13 of these tiki themed fezzes so they might go quick.


The Tiki Oasis Fez

This Limited Edition of 50 has come to its end. The last four have been made and will be available at the Fez-o-rama Booth in the Marketplace on Saturday and Sunday. We are sad to see it go but all good things must come to an end. Act quickly for your last chance to own this unusual fez.
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