Retro-active posting! Yes. Despite not having posted about it, Sunday did indeed occur. No need to throw away your calendars, they still work. Most efforts were spent on finishing(?) touches on the sign and working on product. Now that we are in fact only a few days out on this shindig let's look at where we stand. Booth
  • needs to be packed -never made any cases for the tops but they should be ok this time.
  • there are still a few things that could be tweaked but I have no time or energy for it now.
  • Lighting - I have no idea if Joe will have something for this but we will have at least Troy's light.
  • need to fill the bases with cement or something
  • perhaps a few more finishing touches on the aging if there is opportunity
Everything else has come together pretty well. Most of the product is ready to go and while i will be working right up to the last moment, that is really no shock.
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