April Newsletter

Just in time for April Fez Day!

We have lots of big news for this month so let’s just jump right in!

First up we are thrilled to present: The Mignola Fez: Limited Edition of 50!

mignola This design first appeared on the Fez of the Week blog as a special fez created specifically for Mike Mignola. Well he has generously approved a limited run of these fezzes to be made and they are now available for order on our site! Only 50 of these will be made so act quickly, the first 12 have already sold!

Next: The Monkey Brains Fez


The Monkey Brains Fez is the latest in our long line of Monkey themed fezzes. This one features a stern simian with a transparent dome over his exposed brain. This is the fez to don when you have some formidable formulating to get done.  

Also: The return of the Gorilla Fez


Back for a last hurrah, the Gorilla returns with an upgrade! To commemorate the final run of this classic Fez-o-rama fez we added a little touch of flair by lighting his stogie with a single crimson rhinestone. The classic design has been upgraded to a Mark VI fez in the high profile style. Once this run is sold out we will be retiring this design so don’t hesitate or you may be our of luck.  

A Special Charity fez: The Sakura Fez


Like many people we were moved by the tragedy in Japan and in an effort to do something helpful we have created the Sakura Fez. For everyone of these fezzes ordered we will donate $40 to one of the charities working on the ground to help out those affected by the earthquake and tsunami. This fez features an abstract Cherry Blossom with a single crimson rhinestone in the center. To learn more about this project check out this blog post.  
In general Fez News:
  While we have been working on new designs we have also been expanding our color selection. Beyond the new pink velvet you can see in the Sakura Fez above and have started to introduce a new dark red velvet. What was called “Dark Red” on our website is actually Burgundy and our new red velvet is more of a Ruby Red. Separately it is rather difficult to see the difference but face to face the Ruby has a more saturated red tone that will work well more vibrant designs. We will be keeping the Burgundy around for ongoing designs like The Sons of the Desert and will start introducing the Ruby Red in future styles. On top of that we will be introducing another velvet color in the next few weeks which leads us into…

April Fez Day Sale!

Jackalope To commemorate April Fez Day (also known as Fezmonger Jason’s birthday) we’re putting the Mark V designs on a special 25 hour discount. If you have been on the fence about grabbing a Jackalope, Lono or even a Limited Edition Afriti fez make your purchase on April 1st PST and get 13% off!

That’s not enough?!? Our Mark IV clearance sale continues!

banner-springl All of the Mark IIIs have been sold but the remaining Mark VIs are still available at an even greater discount! Follow the link on our site to see what styles and sizes are left and save 20% on each Mark IV fez you order.
Finally, Fez of the Week:
The Fez of the Week project continues over on our blog of the same name. For those of you that haven’t checked that out, the Fez of the Week is my creative outlet for designs. Sometimes these posts will feature special styles, prototypes for future designs or simply random ideas that make us chuckle. Many of these fezzes are offered at a special discount or opened up for a short week long run. Subscribe to the Fez of the Week feed in your newsletter settings or follow me on twitter @Fezmonger to get the earliest notice on new stuff.  
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