Fez-o-booth -

Another Weekend Push

Well another weekend is over and once again we made some progress. There were a few missteps as well. We're changing directions on a few elements and more than once we measured once... and "cut" a few times. The recap:
  • The Umbrella skin has been sewn, and test fitted, and finished. It looks like washing the fabric did shrink it a bit but I had compensated for that when I cut the seam allowance.
  • The beam extensions have been cut and dressed and only need support plates and a clear coat for protection if we're up for it.
  • The table top was designed and after a few hours of work we decided that we were going in the wrong direction. The detail that we had created just wouldn't have worked on such crappy wood. It is much better suited for paint than carving so we're going to cover it in fabric and seal it with epoxy.
  • One of the two legs that needed to be fixed has been.
  • I've started working on the dormer panels. Unfortunately my first design was laid out with the shrinkage considered so I will need to do it again. Painting these should be no problem after doing the umbrella top.
If only I had taken photos today Now I just need to get caught up on all of the graphic design work I need to do.

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