and the winner is...

December is upon us and it is time to name a winner of our November Fez Friday Foto Challenge! Below are the screen captures of the randomly generated galleries. Using I will now generate the number of the winning entry...


Let's count thru the photos -remember we're skipping my photos and that one of the cute girls in the fezzes.

and our winner is... Fez-o-rama Friday! ...And a potato. a potato?!? wait that can't be right... Oh it's Binkmeisterrick! He posted his photo on the flickr on the 19th. Congratulations Rick and kudos to the tuber as well. I will be contacting you soon with your 50% off coupon!

Thank you to everyone that participated and remember just because this contest has ended does not mean that Fez Fridays are over. Keep posting your photos and I will do the same.

Just to keep things interesting we will be reporting from the Bay Area this Friday and if we're lucky we may even have a few photo surprises for you!

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