Tiki Oasis -

…and so it begins

The recent lull in posts or updates is for a few reasons:
  • I'm hard at work on my 3rd textbook which will take up a lot of focus over the next year or so.
  • A major quarterly deadline at the day gig is this week, which means a break and travel time next week!
  • We've been sourcing new lining fabric in hopes of making an even more comfortable fez...
...which just leads us to the real reason:
The big push towards Tiki Oasis 8 begins!
That's right, it's time once again for the big lead-up to the big event that got me making all these damned fezzes to begin with. -Sure I was making them long before Tiki Oasis but that was only for members of the Cult of the Eye- So after a short break from work to visit friends and family; Joe, Maya and I will start grinding away at the big prep. We will most likely rope in a few other Culties to help us expand the Fez-o-booth, etch some more limited edition glassware, produce mass amounts of hand-made fezzes and maybe even come up with an artistic surprise or two. Stay tuned and we may even tease a design before August.


  • Jason

    well the book is yet another technical textbook for fashion design, we’re in the early stages so it will be a while before I get to doing the heavy graphic work on it. The day gig is teaching computers at the design school here in LA. …and yes, I do have a secret life. Unfotunately it is so secret that I don’t even know what its point is.

  • Anonymous

    What " 3rd textbook" are you working on? What is your “day gig is this week” ?
    Does the Femonger have some other secret life that we do not know about?

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