A Fezmas Miracle!

santaI wasn't planning to make a Santa fez this year but as I sat on the couch with my sketch book, I decided to see where it went. After a frantic day of designing, engineering and testing we have our very first non-devil themed Christmas fez! We’ve been asked a few times if we have plans on doing any holiday fezzes. First off, Krampus is our Holiday fez, secondly it is difficult for me to plan far enough in advance to be able to answer questions like that. I’m as surprised as you are that this fez is happening. Last night I sat on the couch with my wife watching ParaNorman, yeah I know it isn’t very Christmassy but it was one of the absolute best movies of the year, and the brilliant design work just got to me. So I grabbed my sketch book and only listened to most of the movie. Uncle Prenderghast in particular can be seen influencing this design. Now my back is against the wall on timing. I had to have this posted tonight since I am completely booked Tuesday and Wednesday. On top of that this coming weekend is my last time to work on fez production before we go out of town for a week. So if these are going to find their way onto jovial pates in time for Christmas morning I need to start making them on Thursday. So that means this is going to be a very short window.

We will be taking pre-orders only until the 6th of December!

That means it’s a short 3 days to get your orders in. After that this guy is going back to the North Pole to prep for the big day.
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