#99 The D12-12-2012 Fez

Finally, something to wear on 12-12-2012

D121212 For one of the final fezzes of 2012 I decided to bring back the under appreciated dodecahedron of chance, the D12. This not only to marks the year but also the month, however I wanted to eschew the obvious seasonal colors and go-to dice hues for something a bit more unique. After a bit of brainstorming with @Lartist and @AdamPKnave, we settled on a something of a Mayan color theme to also mark the erroneous end of the Mayan calendar on the 21st that everyone is so excited about.* Fez of the Week #99 features an azure D12 on a low-profile tan fez and is pictured here with a coordinated Russet tassel. This Fez of the Week design will only be available until December 7, however if you want to have one to wear on 12-12-12 you will need to place your order quickly so it can ship this Monday. Get it now before it is too late! This edition has closed *If all existence does happen to end on the 21st then you may return your fez for a full refund… if you have the means.
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