#96 The Elder Sign on Tweed no. 2

Last month we released the first Elder Sign fez done on a grey hound's-tooth tweedeldersign2. It was a very limited edition since I only had a little of the fabric to work with. Well needless to say the most popular sizes quickly sold out and only a few fezzes survived the HP Lovecraft Film Fest where they debuted. So for all of our internet friends that couldn’t make it to the film fest we’re giving you a second chance at this experimental style. Fez of the Week #96 features the same velvet Elder Sign to protect you from Dagon and his deep ones but this time it is on a warm coppery tweed fabric. This time they will be made to order so everyone has the same opportunity to get one in their size. These will be available for only one week, on top of that I only have enough fabric to make about a dozen fezzes so I suggest you act quickly if you are interested in this style. I am going to set the limit at 10 fezzes to be safe and once I’ve started cutting up the fabric I might be able to squeeze a few more out so check back if they go quickly. Since I have to hand cut these and process the fabric a bit I want to make sure I have a buffer in case something goes wrong. Get it now before it is too late! Too late.
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