#93 The Elder Sign Fez

A special limited edition of 13 created for the H. P. Lovecraft Film Fest.eldersign This fez features the Elder Sign, a symbol to protect oneself from the Deep Ones as envisioned by HPL himself. Not only does this hand-crafted fez present the sign in blood red velvet with contrast stitching it is also our first foray into a new fez fabric. Made from a fine herringbone tweed, this fez the perfect style for the gentleman scholar who is convinced that pale bloated frog-like creatures from the water depths are out to get him. Wear this fez and you too will be protected from the machinations of Dagon’s minions… that is if you can find it in your size. We only have a few left from the limited run so don’t hesitate or all will be lost! All is lost! The last 5 are up on the website and we only have Small, Large and XL left.
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