#87 The Winged Monkey Fez

wing-monk How many monkey themed fezzes is too many? I’ll let you know when we get there… assuming I even notice. That’s right, our monkey obsession continues with our latest fez and this one is a doozy. We are thrilled to present the Winged Monkey Fez! Now some of you may remember way back at #59 I had done a flying monkey themed fez after spending too much time in an airport. That one went to my Wizard of Oz loving mother-in-law and while I had a few requests to make more of them I was never quite satisfied with the design. See, my process tends to go something like this:
  1. come up with a new idea
  2. make a prototype
  3. become hypercritical of my own work
  4. dwell on the design for extended periods of time
  5. throw everything out and start over
  6. finally get something closer to what I had in mind when I first started way back in step 1.
If only I could skip the first five steps. So back to the sketch pad I went with the intention of designing a winged monkey that captured the dark mischief of the creatures in L Frank Baum’s books. Something that would also evoke the regal emblems of  the flying corps of the past. For inspiration I looked at the work of W.W. Denslow from the 1900 edition of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Looking at these beautiful plates I immediately knew I wanted to render this monkey in shades of blue. The little touch of red is a nod to the fans of the movie and the costumes designed by Adrian Greenburg. This is one of the largest embroideries I have created for our fezzes and I am so pleased with how it came out I went ahead and made a small batch of them in hopes that some of you might also be interested in one. So whoever places the first order gets to lay claim to the official Fez of the Week and it’s numbered pin.

Get it here!

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