#83 The Code Monkey Fez

codemonkThis week’s fez is for all of those that spend their days flipping the switches on the zeroes and ones, the guys and gals up to their elbows in syntax and variables; their eyes filled with the code runs our world. The few, the proud, the Code Monkeys! This guy here, this is Marv. He works on our website’s backend. He likes his coffee like he likes his ladies… strong and tasting of bananas. He’s not much for the chatter, but when something starts shaking the tree you’ll be glad he’s around. This is the kind of guy you want watching your back when the poo begins to fling. The Code Monkey Fez is yet another in what threatens to be an all-consuming obsession with lower primates on fezzes. He is rendered in 5 colors on a Low Profile Mark VI fez and pictured here with a grey tassel. The Code Monkey Fez is just the thing to wear when you have some serious code crunching to get done. Fez #83 is a 2X (24”) but I’m going to go ahead and put up an All Sizes Pre-Order on this one so if you want to get your own Code Monkey Fez just follow the link.
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