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#81 Police Box Fez 2.0

callbox2Fez of the Week #34 has suddenly regenerated into a new style just in time for a new year! The original Call Box was one of our most popular designs ever since it made its debut in the Summer of 2010. Now it is back in a vibrant new style. This go around a brilliant blue velvet makes the base of our brighter and larger Police Box 2.0 embroidery. I was so excited with this new version I pushed it to the top of my blog list and went and set up a Pre-Order page. I know this is cutting it way too close to the holiday deadline so if you are in a pinch to get a gift, might I suggest a nice Gift Certificate? That way the recipient can take care of the sizing and option selection and you get all the credit. Place your order now to reserve your Police Box Fez for the new year. We will begin production on a first ordered, first made basis in the next week. …and if you are wondering the one in the photo is an XL.